Tobacco Dock, London
8 - 10 November 2018
Tobacco Dock, London 8 - 10 November 2018
Introducing LIVE 2019
Tobacco Dock, London 8 - 10 November 2018

The Shure Centre

  • 9:00 - 19:00
  • Friday 9 November
  • The Shure Centre

    Shure are heading to Live with two big focus points, one being our range of listening products and the other being our Motiv range of microphones.

    Listening: Two interactive listening stations where we will have hands-on demonstrations for visitors to listen to our Earphones and Headphones through any music player they have with them (Phone, iPod, etc etc). We’ll have staff on hand to ensure the products are fitted properly and they get the best sound possible and can answer any questions. A sofa with headphones and then a bar/countertop displaying the Earphones.

    Motiv: We’ve got a performance booth where visitors can perform and record a live session (called a Motiv Session) on our stand. We’re going to be running time slots so make sure you come to the Shure stand first thing to register your performance and time slot before they’re all gone. Great opportunity for visitors to perform and get a recording (on their own device if they wish) using the MV88 iOS microphone. Some performers might have the chance to feature on the Shure Instagram account with over 150K followers too – so all the more reason to visit and perform in the Motiv Session Booth.

    Micrphones/Motiv: We’ve also got a microphone bar available (similar to last year), where visitors can sing/speak into our microphones and then hear themselves back through a set of headphones. A great opportunity to sing your heart out or compare different microphones for their sound and ultimately find out what you prefer! As always, we’ll have plenty of friendly staff on stand to answer any questions visitors may have.

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