Tobacco Dock, London
8 - 10 November 2018
Tobacco Dock, London 8 - 10 November 2018
Introducing LIVE 2019
Tobacco Dock, London 8 - 10 November 2018

Blue Americans

  • 12:20 - 12:40
  • Saturday 10 November
  • North Bandstand In Association with Sentric Powered By Yamaha

    Tell everyone it’s a two piece. Tell everyone it’s left field pop. Tell everyone it sounds the way it sounds because of the times. Tell everyone it’s about cigarettes. Tell everyone it’s about love and nothing to do with love. Tell everyone it’s for them and not for them at all. Tell everyone to get it sung. Tell everyone it’s called Blue Americans.

    Blue Americans will release new single, Piggy via their independent record label, Oil Tape Records. This is the lead track of their debut EP coming in November. With previous additions to NMF UK & US, Honey is eagerly awaited by the world.

    “Honey is an existential crisis in the modern world. Intertwining old musings with new, the song is a journey that was realised on a plane ride. It is a reaction to a debate that happened 70 years ago, a debate that is still relevant in 2018. How free are we if our freedom is attained with violence? Honey is indeed a pop song but that doesn't mean it can't challenge ideals.

    Dance and think! That's what Blue Americans want you to do.”

    Blue Americans, made up of duo Kris & Danny, have coined their music as left field pop. They peer in from the outskirts of pop culture with a distorted lens taking inspiration from Prince and Bruce Hornsby, Frank Ocean and Elvis Presley. Their songs ebb, hooks flow and the narrative leads to a bizarre and beautiful world.

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